Eyes are one of the greatest benefits that God has awarded humankind. You must safeguard this gift and protect it in several ways that includes consuming healty foods.

Healthy Foods for Healthy Eyesight –

Image Source: Goolge

-Eggs will enhance your night vision and keep your retina and cornea healthy. The eggs includes zinc, zeaxanthin, lutein and vitamin A in them that keeps your eyes safe.

-Oil -rich fish from the wild such as salmon, tuna, etc  will keep you away from age related issues, dry eyes and retina related problems.

-Eat fat free dairy products like yoghurt, milk, etc, derived from grass-fed cows.

-Eat more citrus foods like oranges in which vitamin c is present. It improves the health of your eye tissues.

-Dark berries improves your night vision and keep you away from blindness and enhance the health of blood capillaries.

-Beef if consumed twice a week, protect your eye tissues with zinc and vitamin A.

-Consume rich almonds each day it will nourish you with vitamin E.

-Consume around 100 gm of spinach every alternate day that will save your eyes from damaging blue light waves

Consume these healthy foods and keep your eyesight healthy. For more healthy tips stay into our website.


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