The dust and pollution in the atmosphere clog my pores and makes my complexion look dull and spoiled. That is why I get a basic facial done once every month.

The reason why I choose a basic facial is not that it’s inexpensive, but the fact that less product is used. I have sensitive skin and if a product does not agree with it, I get rashes, bumps and swollen pores. Hence, my advice to you is, don’t just choose any facial blindly. You have to pick one that benefits your skin type the most.

Choose a facial from the given below ones that best suits your skin’s needs.

Dull Skin: Gold Facial

Dull Skin: Gold Facial look4trends picsThe dirt and pollution in the atmosphere creates a greasy and dirty coat on your face. A gold facial is exactly what you need to bring back instant radiance to your skin. It helps promote healthy and supple skin, and makes your skin glow. It’s a bit costly, but if you want to pamper your skin, try this facial and get a happy glowing skin.

Oily Skin: Pearl Facial

Oily Skin: Pearl Facial -look4trends pics

Does your skin feel greasy and sticky most of the time? Your skin type is oily then. You need a pearl facial to sort your life out. A pearl cream and a pearl mask are used on your face to moisturise and revitalize your skin. Not to mention that this facial also aims at absorbing excess sebum, brightening skin and improving its texture.

Sensitive Skin: Oxygen Facial

Sensitive Skin: Oxygen Facial-look4trends pics


I heard many creams and masks are used and this helps to keep skin hydrated and nourished. The Oxygen facial clears skin out by removing the gunk from the pores and making your complexion look squeaky clean.

Ageing Skin: Aromatherapy Facial

Ageing Skin: Aromatherapy Facial-look4trends pics

Another luxurious way to pamper your skin is to go for an aromatherapy facial. This facial therapy is super relaxing for both, mind and body. It keeps your skin moist, nourished and hydrated. Aromatherapy oil is used to make skin glow and reduce any early signs of ageing.

Rough Skin: Silver Facial

Rough Skin: Silver Facial-look4trends pics

Your skin gets rough because you haven’t looked after it. Too many toxins and lack of moisture makes the surface of your skin dry and super rough. Get this facial done once every month to get clear, soft and supple skin.

Just in case you’re in no mood to leave your bed, you can get a facial done at home with these kits too!


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