Instagram is the best and loud social media platform which tells us all about the latest trends. As the time is passing rapidly, the trends range from pretty cool to pretty weird. Did you remember that weird hair extension trend? Well, that was extremely horrible.

Recently, Instagram is buzzing with wow looking nail paint trend and also with a super short and slime nail polish style.

Now, it’s time for jelly nails.

The jellies remind us of the happy 90s,colorful jams. Many people of social media channels are calling them ” see-through nails” or “glass-nails” for the reason that they are slightly sheer.

So, did you ever wonder how to get these jelly looking nails. Well, here are some solutions that might help you achieve the look. Well, jelly nails are too much fun and gorgeous on its own and everyone has been carrying out the trend passionately.

Try adding a clear tip to your nails or try sculpting it with clear gel. All you need to do is just search for the hashtag #JellyNails and you’ll find plenty of different kinds of version of this look.

The nails shape also vary from talon-like claws to chic ballerina style. If you are a regular Instagrammer, and you are planning Instagram your nails then it’s our promise that you won’t even need a filter as the colors are that vibrant and bright.

If you remember that pop star Katy Perry came up with her own line of summer footwear which is known as “The Geli”. The collection was inspired with Jelly and came in variety of colors which  co-ordinated with their synced in fruits. That is Green for lime, orange for peach, red for strawberry, pink for watermelon and yellow for lemon.

We’ll just out this trend on your Instagram page and for more entertainment news ,please log into our website.


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