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Summer is at peak right now, and it is the time for summer weddings in all their finery. I love summer weddings, especially day weddings, for all their subtlety and fairy tale charm. There something about a day time summer wedding that I cannot get enough of. Below are some key bridal fashion trends for a summer wedding that you should miss!

With the summer wedding season starting in just a bit, here are the 5 things you should remember if you are a summer bride-to-be to put your best face forward on your big day!

Pastel is the key that enriches your beauty


Pastels are all the rage right now (look at Anushka Sharma awesome bridal look) and look perfect for this time of the year. From pastel pinks to blues and greens, brides are wearing them all, and with much flare. You could opt for an all pastel look, or add a pop of color here and there to suit your taste.

Makeup for the day

For a summer wedding, the trends this season are to keep the skin looking glowy, eyes defined but soft and nude or peachy lips. Try to use a light layer of waterproof foundation instead of multiple layers. For coverage of blemishes, use a good concealer only over the spots, after you have applied the foundation- just where you need it. Make sure you set your base with a translucent powder and a finishing mist to keep the base intact for the entire time of your ceremonies. Keep it simple and glowing!

Match the perfect nail color


Summer bridal looks call for French manicures like no other time of the year. You could opt for gel manicures or simple French manicures at a salon. If you love a little bling, opt for accents on ring finger nails or nail art to match the occasion. Some brides also choose to showcase their love story on the nails which looks really cool!

Wear the lavish jewellery


For a summer bride, the best jewellery tip would be to keep it elegant and dynamic. Go for ethnic jewellery- must have are gold necklace for women. You can pair those with ethnic earrings that match the set. Remember to have one of the jewelry pieces as the centre of attraction, styling all other pieces around it. Layering necklaces are quite in right now, along with pieces like hath-phool which completes a bridal look. If you are wearing a jhoomar or passa, you can even opt for chunky studs to keep the look balanced, like these studs online. A Kundan jewelry and jewelry with tiny pearl strings are perfect for this time of the year!

Buy the high heels for the perfect attire

For a bride, I always recommend wearing comfortable shoes- Indian wedding functions can last quite a few hours, and wearing comfortable shoes is the most important thing to help you sit, stand and dance on your big day. Choose the shoes with medium height in heels, and try to avoid stilettos.

So there goes our list of some fashion trends for the summer bride. Most importantly, remember to flaunt your smile at all times. Your smile is your best accessory, and every look is incomplete without it.


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