What do you understand by Plastic natural skincare products? The products that are environment friendly and are favorable to your skin and hair.

Ethique is the first beauty company in the world that develop an solid skincare product range and the most impressive is that all products are sold in compostable packaging, meaning zero consumer waste and completely plastic-free.

The Ethique products utilizes natural ingredients to create every skincare product you require – which ranges from everything including shampoo and conditioner, to solid facial serums, and body butters.

Here are some Plastic-free natural skincare products for your glowing skin.

Gingersnap Face Scrub

The scrub is made with natural dark colored organic brown  sugar, cocoa butter, kokum butter, as well as ground ginger, cinnamon and vanilla essential oil, this facial scrub cube smells like desert.  The bar gently softens and moisturize your skin beautifully. I have been using it as a cleanser to wash my face.

Damage Control – Shampoo for Normal-Dry Hair

How amazing it is to travel with my own strong cleanser and conditioner duo To compliment the conditioner, I adore prefacing my wash with this strong shampoo, which really foams. It’s really as simple as you would imagin: stroke the wet bar around the hair a few times and back rub into the roots to the tips if you use hair products or live in an extremely polluted city.

Saving Face Serum

A facial serum as a solid bar will refresh your face and make it a smooth one.  It is made up with cupuacu, shea & illipe butters as well as rosehip & pomegranate oils, the antioxidant packed product is a hydration powerhouse. If your skin is not too dry, make use of this moisturizer often. I love this one for travel purpose, especially on long flights.

Butter Block – Divine Jasmine & Ylang Body Lotion

This product is one of my favourite and I just fall in love with this product that combines mixture of two essential oils into a soft block of body butter. The scent is highly infectious and intoxicating and truly creates a beautiful post-shower experience. It is made up with organic cocoa butter from Ghana, organic coconut oil and pure essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine, it is  extremely beautiful.

Conditioner for Dry, Damaged or Frizzy Hair

This conditioner makes your dry and damaged hair to look and feel silky and by utilizing this conditioner’s cocoa butter, coconut oil, and vitamin B5 it is super hydrating. To use this, simply slide a wet bar few times over the hair following your shampooing, then massage the conditioner into the hair.

I just fell in love with these products and I want to highlight these as one of my favorites. For more healthy tips, please visit our website.


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