Falling in Love is extremely an amazing and fantastic experience.

You can say it’s an out of the world experience.

Sometimes we achieve in love, sometimes we end up in complete failure but love is a learning experience nonetheless.

Here are some strange but real things that happen to us when we fall in love.

1.You gain weight or lose it

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Being in love exhausts a lot of calorie out of your body and while your attempt to overcompensate that, you eat to avoid the pressure of being rejected hence the weight gain.

2.Voice becomes lower

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It has been scientifically proven that people tend to understand from the lover’s voice itself when they are making a phonecall that whether they are talking to the friend or the date. That study proved that women’s voices become lower and men’s voices become lower.

3.Being in love becomes an addiction for you

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Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world and even after break-up, you keep thinking about the person you were in love with. It hence becomes an addiction to be in love and you put yourself through a series of dating.

4.People can’t fall asleep

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According to a study, people in love sleep an hour less during the night without waking up tired. That is the magic of love, really!

5.Heart tends to jump out of their chests

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It happens because someone makes you blush and you can’t help being drawn towards him.

6.The non-poets start writing poetries

fall in love -look4trends

Because love boosts the aesthetic side in the lovers, so they turn into poets to impress their loved ones. Probably writing poems are the most thoughtful gifts one could give to their loved ones.

7.They are seldom afflicted by diseases

fall in love -look4trends

There is a strange but strong connection between romantic feelings and pain. The people in love are torn off from the external world and immersed entirely into each other.

Pure Love brings changes in you and your life thereby leaving you amazed.

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