Getting a toned, hot body, one that is both healthy and strong, requires a few things to be added to your every day routine and precisely controlled.

Eating routine and rest play a tremendous role in it, yet appropriate exercise can enable you to escape with a not all that balanced eating routine and will really make it less demanding for you to rest and get enough rest, which is the reason this article will be devoted mainly to choosing the best overall workouts.


The squat is the best leg workout required for a toned sexy body. With enough volume and good depth will engage your quads and glutes to a huge degree, as well as strengthening the muscles of the core which need to be braced tightly throughout the movement to ensure stability.

Bent over Rows

Not only is the bent over row a great back muscle builder – engaging the lats and spinal erectors to a great degree – but it also engages the biceps and helps keep your shoulder joints healthy.

Bent over Rows-look4trends

You should balance out any pushing movement, like the bench press, with a pulling movement so that the muscles on each side of the joint are equally developed. This ensures proper posture and a healthy joint with good mobility. This one will give you a sexy back that you will be proud to show off in a backless dress or at the beach.

Chin-Ups / Bicep Curls

Chin-ups hit the back, bicep and abs to a degree, as they need to stay tight. Another great movement for developing that sculpted back that will get quite a few looks thrown your way, and a great exercise for keeping your shoulders healthy as we’ve discussed before. If you are too week, you can start with lat pull downs or supplement with bicep curls if you’ve done rows beforehand and feel tired.

Chin-Ups / Bicep Curls-look4trends


Dips / Skull Crushers

Dips target mainly the triceps and lower chest, although the core is also braced throughout the movement, and if you keep your knees bent, you engage the hamstrings somewhat as well. It is a great movement, but can be a bit difficult, especially if you lack shoulder mobility, so they can be supplemented with skull crushers.

Dips / Skull Crushers-loo4trends


Hyperextensions are a good exercise for keeping your core strong. It works the spinal erectors and will help you maintain good posture and keep your back healthy and pain free.

Hyperextensions-body exercise


Cardio is very important for both the health of your heart and controlling your weight. You can do some running or cycling for about 10-20 minutes anywhere between 3 to 6 times a week, either as a warm-up, after your workout or on the days between your strength workouts.

Running/Cycling body fitting

Glute Ham Raises / Leg Curls / Stiff Legged Deadlift

This is some extra work for the glutes, i.e. that round firm booty everyone wants to get, and hamstrings which often don’t get enough work. Glute ham raises are a bit difficult to perform, so you can start with stiff legged deadlifts.

Glute Ham Raises / Leg Curls / Stiff Legged Deadlift body tonning exercise-look4trends

These workouts can be split up into two full-body workouts done 3 times a week, or on 2 upper and 2 lower body days a week. You start off with the biggest exercises and work your way down to smaller muscles, ending with abs and calves.


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