Appearing this line is the new face of the brand, Kangana Ranaut. We talk with the performing artist to discover everything about her new relationship with Anita Dongre and Global Desi.

How can it feel to be the new face of Global Desi?

It feels stunning, as Global Desi has dependably been one of my most loved brands. Prior to turning into the dream of her image, the first occasion when I met Anita Dongre, I advised all her specific pieces for me. I am pleased to be a piece of this crusade as it is such an enthusiastic, youthful and energetic brand. It is a benefit to be the substance of their new crusade.

What do you consider Global Desi as a brand?

I think Anita Dongre’s logic and her understanding of Indian wear is exceptional. She makes agreeable and rich ethnic wear open for youthful and autonomous ladies like us, who think that it’s hard to wear Indian garments in regular day to day existence.

What do you think about the most recent accumulation?

There are some adaptable pieces in this accumulation. For instance, I have never worn a dhoti sari or a sari-pants mixture in all my years. I wore it out of the blue and I need to state it is super agreeable. I likewise love the manner in which Anita gives an individual touch to every one of her pieces. It’s exceptionally young, autonomous and lively in nature.

What are your most loved merry patterns?

My most loved merry pattern is a lehenga skirt. Normally you can’t move around while you are wearing an overwhelming lehenga, yet the lehenga skirt that is a piece of their new gathering is so complaining free that you can wear it for any happy event, and feel great in it.

How would you depict your own style?

My own style is exceptionally bohemian in a soul, precisely what Global Desi depend on. It is the ideal portrayal of the present age and their wild considerations. We don’t have a place with wherever yet to the globe, the whole world. So you can wear this dress and land anyplace on the planet and you will be the focal point of fascination in light of your uniqueness, and in the meantime your receptiveness to what the world is today.


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