The world’s love affair with sneakers has been growing for decades, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. This season proves no different as Australians are preparing to embrace some of the following sneaker trends.


The most interesting trends attempt to wedge into the sneaker world is the ugly sneaker. Though the sneakers are not at all ugly. The reason behind this is it’s clunky look. Most of the sneakers are sleek or slender. These shoes have an oversized sole for added cushion. The sneakers are definitely a fashion label in today’s fashion.


Shoes are wear to make a person feel more comfortable when walking, running and perhaps driving. The Knit style sneakers make it easy for a person to feel the breeze and chill in the air. The Knit style sneakers look different and are quite versatile in nature. The Knit sneakers are available in different colors with different textures.



This type of sneakers looks fancy and stylish to wear in special events. Satin’s texture makes it easier for the color of the sneaker to be highlighted. The shoe is delicate, so make sure you do not try to go hiking wearing them.


The most interesting trend hitting right now is the ballet-styled sneaker. These sneakers are easy to wear and easy to slip on. The ballet style shoe is normally short enough to show a woman’s ankles, so make sure you consider wearing short socks or no socks at all. These type of sneakers are quite feminine.



The embroidered look sneaker come with embroidered with roses while others come with a little piece of art. The sneakers are definitely unique and you should consider wearing plain clothes to ensure that you highlight your clothes.

These are some of the shoes making showbiz royalty this season. There are others such as the versatile vintage-styled sneaker, so ensure you keep an eye on the shoe racks to see what is hot this season.


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